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Eco Friendly — Zero Waste Save Money

Women have been convinced to use plastic multi-blade cartridge razors to provide the perfect shave.

Eventually, these razors are discarded to become thousands of tons of plastic waste. Many women now have discovered that a quality razor using double edge blades offer a gentler smoother result on the other parts of the body to with zero waste.

The average woman consumer using the plastic razor cartridge system spends approximately $250 dollars per year to shave. Do the math for ten years: $2500.

Considering the double edge blade is about 10 cents each and can be used 5-7 times, the advantage is obvious!

About the Maker

How It Started

I have traditionally designed and made shaving tools and products for men and was doing so when my granddaughter, Katie, made an observation. She suggested I make a razor for women, with a lengthy handle, using my silicone rubber comfort sleeve on the handle with bright colors that appeal to women, and bingo! I now offer the special razor for ladies in five colors in conjunction with the Bella Contempo handle.

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