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Bella Shaving

Contempo Razor

Contempo Razor

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This razor is a new design that has been well considered on intended function and appearance with a mix of materials.

The bright satin surface has a most durable special finished aluminum. Contained within at the front, is a stainless steel core weight rod threaded in the standard metric thread that will accommodate most safety razor heads that are non adjustable.

The weight rod provides paper balance plus directing a weight forward advantage downward to the edge of the blade when shaving assisting in efficient shearing of the hair follicles smooth and flush to the skin with almost no applied hand pressure.

Keep the handle at about 30-50 degree angle, pull it along guiding the path, and let the razor do the work.

Razor Handle Length


Total Razor Length


Razor weight

100 grams

Handle diameter


Comfort Grip

60mm length/22mm major diameter

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